Tuya Smart: Paving the Path to a Smarter Future

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Tina Yu, General Manager Eurasia, Tuya SmartTina Yu, General Manager Eurasia
Sci-fi literature has dominated the pop-culture from the time writers began capturing readers’ imagination with prophetic glimpses into the future. Even sci-fi movies are a cultural touchstone. Take the American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character, ‘Iron Man,’ for instance. In the movie, the billionaire industrialist and genius inventor, Tony Stark’s house seems to have originated from a tech-crazy interior designer’s pipe dream. It is filled with IoT controlled devices, and other smart technologies far ahead of our time. Not to mention JARVIS, an intuitive yet charming AI butler that responds to every command, from checking emails to scheduling business interactions. Don’t we all wish to have such an amazing system that can turn our apartments and workplaces into smart hubs? Taking us one step closer to this future is Tuya Smart—a provider of leading-edge IoT platform.

Founded in June 2014, Tuya Smart’s mission lies in always enabling its clients to turn their products into modern IoT powered smart devices. Interestingly enough, the company’s name resonates with this ideology too. Tuya Smart is named after the Tuya volcano, which forms when lava erupts through thick ice glaciers. What makes the Tuya volcanoes significant is their ability to create new landscapes where previously there was nothing. By the same token, Tuya Smart is blasting through the conventional constraints of the IoT space and creating new and unique technology solutions. Through its robust development platform and comprehensive services, the company is helping its customers unlock the full potential of IoT, turning their homes and workplaces into smart spaces of the future.

Today, Tuya has become the all-in-one IoT solutions provider designed to empower brands to make ingenious products for smart homes as well as a variety of other industrial applications. With local headquarters in the U.S., China, Germany, Japan, and India, the company services over 260,000 clients in more than 220 countries and regions, helping them integrate the power of IoT in more than 250,000 product SKUs, including lighting, appliances, and surveillance equipment.

Setting Foot into the New Norm

“The relevance of IoT-based smart technology is only increasing with each passing day, especially amid the present pandemic situation,” says Tina Yu, the general manager Eurasia at Tuya Smart.
As remote working is taking root, people are investing in turning their homes into smart spaces that can help them simplify a myriad of tasks while also enabling them to focus on work. This is where Tuya makes its mark, facilitating clients to centralise the control of multiple home functions (lighting, curtains, security, air conditioning, media, network, personal health) through its unified control panel, which acts as the smart home control hub optimised for multiple scenarios.

The relevance of IoT-based smart technology is only increasing with each passing day, especially amid the present pandemic situation

By combining technologies like cloud computing and voice control, Tuya’s control panel delivers a safe and comfortable life to users. Moreover, the fascinating capabilities of Tuya are not limited only to living spaces. The company is quickly expanding the footprint of its smart product development into major industry verticals like agriculture, hospitality, construction, energy, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and education, among others. Tuya’s powerful development platform helps brands, OEMs, and developers in these industry sectors to seamlessly integrate IoT functionalities into their products and solutions, and thus, support them to tap into the unlimited opportunities of the ‘smart future.’

Simplifying Smart Product Development

“Our IoT Development Platform is a one-stop-shop for all smart product development needs,” mentions Tina. Indeed, clients can avail the stellar benefits of Tuya’s platform through a simple and straightforward onboarding process. Tuya, after procuring the specific customer requirements, assigns a special business advisor to guide the clients. Based on the industry vertical and specific client needs, Tuya then provides tailored hardware and software designed to meet those exact requirements, whether it is facilitating a smart home or smart workplace.

The clients can also choose to develop their own smart products by leveraging the tools offered by Tuya’s platform. With its low-code approach and clear-cut steps, Tuya’s IoT development platform makes the complex smart product development quick and simple. Developers of smart products can select the required functions from the standard function library and pick an interface template.

Further, the Tuya IoTOS, a lightweight operating system, enables clients to turn any hardware into smart products. It is specifically built for IoT devices and is capable of interconnection and secure transmission. Tuya IoTOS widely applies to IoT electrical and lighting products, home appliances, video surveillance, security and sensors, and agriculture tools, among others.

Once the clients have successfully developed a smart product as per their needs, Tuya offers robust automation solutions to help users complete their software and hardware validation with ease.

Guiding Clients to the Smart Future

Owing to such a customer-friendly and effective partnership approach, Tuya has successfully assisted several big names in the industry (Siemens, Schneider Electric, Havells, Rover Electric, etc.) in developing smart products. Through its partnerships with critical industry leaders, Tuya is becoming a key to building a new smart world. The company is continually investing in innovation and revolutionising the use of intelligent technology in crucial industries. With a firm global footing and immense domain knowledge, Tuya aims to support more than one million companies in the next few years and bring unprecedented value to them.
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Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart

Düsseldorf, Germany

Tina Yu, General Manager Eurasia

Tuya provides a leading global IoT platform that brings smart products to life for manufacturers, brands, OEMs, and retail chains. The company was founded on the principle that it is possible to achieve any product, feature, speed, capability, or business model with the right technology. Moving down this path, Tuya eventually became the first all-in-one IoT platform designed to empower brands in making truly smart products

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