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Top 10 Internet of Things Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

Technologies developed under the banner of the Internet of Things (IoT) is creating waves of noticeable change in almost every industry in today’s ever-expanding global marketplace. Industry 4.0 is well underway, entering the next phase of innovation, in tandem with the growing ecosystem of internet-enabled or connected devices that include software, sensors, and several other technologies that possess strong interoperability capabilities. It enables machine-to-machine interaction and augments communication between devices. loT technology allows organisations to collect, consolidate, exchange, analyse, and interpret data in real-time. What particularly stands out as the critical value of this data is that it provides professionals with essential consumer insights in the context of real-time situations to help them make informed business decisions with minimal margins for error. Consequently, this translates into improved customer interaction, helping companies establish a more satisfactory customer experience.

IoT, however, is not all benefits. It has certain drawbacks that revolve around security, connectivity, and integration as well. For an organisation that wishes to implement and leverage IoT’s full potential, there are several challenges that must be thoroughly addressed before deploying a fully connected ecosystem. With the speed at which the loT market is moving, which is considerably fast and only gaining momentum, employing the latest digital transformation practices is an absolute must. In order to help companies all over the continent overcome their IoT hurdles, several solution providers are coming up with various techniques and strategies to help organisations adopt ‘an IoT of technologies’ to improve their business operations.

With innovative and path-breaking technological capabilities up their sleeves, these companies are continually proving their mettle in the field of loT innovation. We hope this issue of CIOReview helps you build a long-lasting partnership that your firm needs to excel in this competitive market.

We present to you CIOReview’s, "10 Most Promising Internet of Things Solution Providers in Europe - 2021".

    Top Internet of Things Solution Companies in Europe

  • floLIVE offers advanced 5G Network and IoT solutions for global cellular connectivity, hosted over the cloud or on private premises. floLIVE is changing the way mobile operators and enterprises work by challenging traditional network and IoT solutions. It offers one of a kind Global-Connectivity Service designed and built primarily for IoT. The solutions provide high performance no matter where the devicesare operating from. From a complete GSM IoT-oriented core network to IoT BSS, floLIVE offers a wide range of solutions


  • IntSpo offers the most advanced location and sensor technologies, to help various companies and industries, to optimize processes, secure values, and be more cost effective in order to optimize their results. Leveraging the most advanced location and sensor technologies, IntSpo offers organisations and enterprises intelligent IoT-based tracking solutions and tracking-as-a-service for managing their physical assets. These IoT-based solutions can seamlessly track high and low-value assets indoors and outdoors by leveraging advanced 4G/5G features and state-of-the-art equipment. And to unleash the full potential of these IoT sensors, IntSpo develops powerful and customised edge computing solutions that can ensure secure, scalable, and complete device management. Clients can thus manage their products and fleet, taking into consideration the different environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, during the movement of commodities and vehicles with the help of these smart sensors


  • A native IoT company offering scalable, customizable, and private IoT platform with data privacy and ownership


  • SADELABS leverages wireless network technologies to build innovative products and services, empowering clients to digitally transform their businesses with machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. SADELABS breathes life into innovative ideas. By integrating smart devices, sensors, and numerous other assets to interconnect “things,” such as beacons, machines, equipment, and vehicles, the SADELABS IoT platform provides tracking and tracing, remote-monitoring applications, and smart solutions for logistics, manufacturing, energy, retail, security, automotive, tourism, and more


  • Tuya provides a leading global IoT platform that brings smart products to life for manufacturers, brands, OEMs, and retail chains. The company was founded on the principle that it is possible to achieve any product, feature, speed, capability, or business model with the right technology. Moving down this path, Tuya eventually became the first all-in-one IoT platform designed to empower brands in making truly smart products


  • Advantech


    Advantech is a leading brand in IoT intelligent systems, Industry 4.0, machine automation, embedding computing, embedded systems, transportation, environment monitoring, power automation, retail, logistics, fleet management, healthcare IT, medical solutions, servers, industrial and network computing, video broadcasting, IP Video, 4K/8K, and customization services. To promote IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence, Advantech develops IoT hardware and software solutions with edge computing

  • Flutura


    Cerebra is an Artificial Intelligence Platform tuned for Industrial IoT, powering use-cases across asset and process heavy industries. Cerebra has the advanced capabilities to integrate physics, heuristics and Machine Learning based models to generate actionable business insights

  • Microtronics


    The company's industrial-grade products offer not only security, but also connectivity by design as a standard

  • Nordic Semiconductor

    Nordic Semiconductor

    The company has an unprecedented level of integration bringing LTE-M, NB-IoT, GPS, all RF front end (RFFE) and power management into a very small package the nRF91 Series make single chip solutions a real possibility in many cases

  • Synox


    Supports companies and communities wishing to easily and securely set up their IoT projects regardless of the objects and technology used

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