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Jaume Rey, CEO and Co-Founder, NEXIONA CONNECTOCRATSJaume Rey, CEO and Co-Founder
Heading towards a more connected world, organisations are facing a series of challenges that dot the IoT landscape. While connecting the legacy devices can be complicated, there are other severe issues—data privacy and security or cybersecurity being one of the most serious ones. Data integration with the equipment or company systems and extracting vital data from different sources also add to challenges. Moreover, organisations invest substantial finances for implementing IoT solutions in their business, and it is often challenging to improve their ROI. Handing over to the organisations the ownership of their IoT solutions, NEXIONA CONNECTOCRATS, a native IoT company, aims to resolve these prevailing market challenges market and emerges as the game-changer in the industry.

“The idea of being able to offer remote maintenance to our equipments over the internet kept ringing my mind,” says Jaume Rey, CEO, and Co-Founder of NEXIONA. Jaume was working in an executive position in Panasonic when he came across this idea that steered him to develop his own company to offer the smartest IoT solutions to the companies. Founded in 2012, NEXIONA created its own market space with the concept of a private IoT platform, beating the majority of the IoT platform suppliers in the market who offer platform-as-a-service. Instead, they provide a scalable, customisable platform to clients enabling them to design their own IoT solution with complete data ownership, control, and privacy. They mastered the best of the technologies, microservices, message brokering, non-SQL databases, etc., which were comparatively new back in 2012, to excel in their approach. With NEXIONA, clients can achieve the best-fit solution for their business requirements, connecting every asset of their organisations and finding the fastest way to success, with quicker ROI. Additionally, the solutions eliminate vendor dependency of the clients, constraining them to accommodate their business problems with the vendors' static platforms. "We offer private IoT platform to the clients; the user is the owner of the IoT data and the platform with complete data ownership and privacy to derive the solutions for their business problems,” mentions Jaume.

NEXIONA’s MIIMETIQ Composer offers the framework to help companies build their private IoT solution. It is a comprehensive toolbox that software developers can use to build their platform from scratch or develop solutions out of this platform, like equipment maintenance, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency solutions, smart monitoring, data analytics, etc.
They can extract data from any source— physical or digital, any hardware with any protocol, legacy, etc., and interact with any other software or any system. The solutions constructed with MIIMETIQ feature scalability and flexibility and can be installed in any configuration scheme— cloud, on-premise, or other feasible options and facilitates to avoid vendor lock-ins. So the clients can quickly change from one cloud infrastructure supplier to another at any time. MIIMETIQ composer also ensures data ownership and privacy to clients as the intellectual property belongs to them. NEXIONA also provides software called MIIMETIQ Edge that facilitates managing data. The software is installed in the gateway. It translates the protocols, extracts the data from the devices, manages the data packages, and then transmits it to the cloud or server where the client has the data platform or solution or their system.

What makes NEXIONA draw more clients towards its solutions is the freedom it has been offering over the years. It works on similar lines with the GAIA-X project initiated by France and Germany. This project is establishing a cloud infrastructure in Europe to ensure that government companies or private companies in the continent can store data within this European infrastructure to have full control of the data. Similarly, MIIMETIQ also gives the liberty to clients to decide which data they wish to exchange with other companies or suppliers and which requires to be 100 per cent protected. NEXIONA simply offers the software and gives the other controls and rights to the clients, who can decide how to install and manage the infrastructure, define data architecture, data visualisation, etc. The clients can also determine the deployment of the solutions. MIIMETIQ solutions are future-proof and can fit in any current scenario. Any upcoming features like new devices, new versions, protocols, etc., can all be integrated with MIIMETIQ, securing the client's present and future use cases.

NEXIONA extends complete service to clients through their strong in-house expertise in developing solutions. They are backed with experts in hardware, software, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, data analytics, visualisation, etc., helping them extend the know-how to the partners and customers as per their needs or requirements, streamlining their entire journey of developing the solutions. "For example, if a partner from the IT industry is adept with the IT aspects but might lack in data extraction fro devices, data transmission and security. So we provide them IT assistance to fill the missing pieces and help them achieve the value proposition," says Jaume.

NEXIONA's holistic solutions have gained several customers' trust, CELSA Group being a prominent one. They are among the largest steel producers with more than 120 sites worldwide. NEXIONA helps them digitise their factories, with different attributes, like different hardware, protocols, etc., and unify all the data sources in a single place. So far, NEXIONA has digitised nine factories across Norway, France, UK, Spain, and Poland. They also helped CELSA gain full control over their data. "CELSA could define in what factories they could keep the data onsite and where they could go to a Data Lake in the cloud and exchange data with other factories or from the headquarter to have another review on everything,” adds Jaume. NEXIONA has also played a significant role in facilitating AKO, an industrial thermostat manufacturer. With MIIMETIQ, they have connected their thermostats and extend their offering to cold chain management and refrigeration to the customers. This has also helped them offer the cold chain solution for vaccine refrigeration amidst the pandemic.

“Profit is the reward of society,” as coined by Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, drives NEXIONA and also Jaume in the journey of helping companies utilise the benefits of IoT and offering what they most need for their business. They focus on rendering precise solutions to clients through MIIMETIQ that aligns well with the market needs and client needs.

Considering that the future will be more connected, NEXIONA is sharpening its focus on industrial IoT, pacing with the market growth. They have been focusing on geographical expansions with a new office in Germany that is the largest industry 4.0, and another office in Canada, in 2020. Currently, they are setting up their office in the US. Besides, they are looking forward to expanding their partnerships with leading market players having strong value propositions and technological innovations that can transform NEXIONA’s value proposition into a realistic, competitive advantage that supports their customers.
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Jaume Rey, CEO and Co-Founder

A native IoT company offering scalable, customizable, and private IoT platform with data privacy and ownership

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